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Discover just how easy it is to pay your monthly bills with Coffee County Bank’s Bill Pay! With the simple click of a mouse, your monthly bills can be paid in a matter of minutes anytime from anywhere in America. No more writing checks, no more postage, no more hunting around the house for envelopes, no more tearing, ripping, and filing of your bills. Just point and click.

Some of the features and benefits include:

  • Unlimited transactions
  • View payment history
  • Auto-payment for recurring bills
  • Schedule, change, or stop single and recurring transactions

How to sign up for Bill Pay

  • You must first become a user of Coffee County Bank’s Online Banking. Register for CCB Online Banking.
  • Once you have registered to use Coffee County Bank’s Online Banking, login to your account and click on the “Bill Pay” tab to enroll for Bill Pay.
  • Enter your email and telephone number, then read and accept the terms and conditions that follow.
  • Once on the main screen of CCB Bill Pay, you have the option to view a demo that will help guide you through the setup and process of Bill Pay. This is an excellent tool that will assist you in getting started.

The following information is required to successfully complete an enrollment or login request using Bill Pay:

  • Tax ID- Must match enroller record and Portfolio
  • Name- From the enroller record, can't be more than four separate words in the name field. “John Robert David Doe” would work, while “John Robert David Doe II” would not. Must be between 1 and 25 characters in length.
  • Address- Must be between 1 and 30 alphanumeric characters in length. Punctuation is not accepted in the Address field.
  • City- Must be between 1 and 25 alphanumeric characters in length
  • State- Only standard two letter state abbreviations accepted
  • Zip Code- The enroller record updates this from the portfolio each time a user logs into PremierEcom.
  • Home Phone- Must contain 10 digits
  • Date of Birth- Bill Pay fails the enrollment if the user is under 18 years of age or the date of birth is prior to 1/1/1901
  • Account Number- Uses the account number that the customer first selects when you click on the Bill Pay, “Payments” button
  • Email Address- Must be a valid format, example:

If you are having problems enrolling in Coffee County Bank’s Bill Pay, call Operations at 931-728-1977 during normal business hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How soon can I start making payments using Bill Pay?

A: Once you complete Bill Pay enrollment, you can begin scheduling payments as soon as your enrollment is processed and all terms and conditions have been read and accepted.

Q: What should I do if a payee has not posted my payment?

A: Call Operations at 931-728-1977.

Q: If I currently have an automatic debit for a bill coming out of my checking account, should I cancel this debit and use Bill Pay?

A: It is recommended that you NOT cancel any automatic debit. Our main concern is that your bill be paid in a timely manner and safely.


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