MobiMoney is an app that can be downloaded to mobile devices that gives complete control over debit cards and keeps your money safe! This app is free to all customers on mobile devices; find it by visiting the App Store or Google Play Store.

 MobiMoney offers the following features:

Location Services

Turn Debit Card ON/OFF

Instant Alerts after Card is Used

Low Balance Alerts

Track your Monthly Spending

Review your Transactions

Set Spending Limits

Monitor Fraud

Control Debit Users

Transaction Controls

Control Merchant Types


 Features Include:

  • Location Services: By turning on location services on the MobiMoney app, it will allow debit cards to be used in the location the mobile device is in. Limit the usage based on location.
  • Turn Debit Card ON/OFF: Coffee County Bank debit cards are able to be turned off with a touch of a button. When the card is turned OFF, all of the transactions will be declined. The card can be instantly turned back on.
  • Alerts: Instantly after card has been used, an alert will be sent to your mobile device. Location, spending limits, transaction type, low-balance, and merchant alerts are available.
  • Low Balance: Set a low balance limits for notifications.
  • Spending Limits: Set spending limits per transaction.
  • Monthly Spending: Gives you the total amount you have spent in the current month.
  • Transactions: You can search transactions by the amount or date.
  • Debit Users: Control who uses your card, how much they can spend, merchant types they can use, and transaction controls. Listed below are how you can limit your debit card users with Merchant Types and Transaction Controls.
  • Transaction Controls: Control how your card can be used: In-store, Internet, Mail Order, Phone Order, Auto Pay, ATM, Mobile Wallet, and all others.
  • Merchant Types: Control the type of stores where your card can be used: Department Stores, Gas Stations, Groceries, Household, Entertainment, Personal Care, Restaurant, Travel, Age Restricted, and all others.
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